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About Us

The Pachamama Native American Church is a world wide organization dedicated to bringing indigenous teachings and rituals to everyone.  With chapters in several US states, Peru, Mexico and Australia our ever expanding reach is helping to bring the indigenous prophesies of the Condor and Eagle to fruition.  Please contact us for the opportunity to get involved in some of the traditional ceremonies and events that happen all over the world or to simply support that work. 

Our Mission

The Pachamama Native American Church is built on the ethos of community and connection to the earth. Our ceremonies are all rooted in the indigenous traditions of North and South America and serve to connect us all to the greatest energy of all, that of love

Our Vision

The Indigenous prophesies of the Condor and Eagle talk about traditions working together to bring back the sacred energies and ceremonies of our ancestors.  Our Vision is to bring these prophesies to fruition by bringing the ancient indigenous ceremonies around the world to people of all races

When the Condor of the South and Eagle of the North are seen flying together again, then it will be the sign that the Children of the Mother Earth are awakening...

Our Directors

Chief and Minister Valerio "Freddy"


Chief Freddy is the Spiritual leader of the Pachamama Native American Church.  He is a YATIRI (priest), born in the Khallawaya community, 13,000 feet high in the Andes, the frontier for Peru and Bolivia. Freddy has received the Chief's Bundle from Lakota spiritual leader and chief, Leonard Crow Dog and is a roadman for the Lakota nation. 

Our Mission
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